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2D Drafting, Surveying & CAD Tracing

2D Drafting is what might be considered Computer Aided Design in its basic form but none the less, accuracy is a very important part of the process. Taking existing design briefs & sketches and using traditional and conventional drafting methods, the existing plans and ideas are completely drawn up using CAD software to produce a ‘working’ drawing that can be forwarded on to other parties involved in the project and/or to be sent on for the manufacture or construction stage of a project. Typical 2D services and drawings we provide and work on are:

• Surveying

• Swept Path Analysis

• Plans

• Elevations

• Details

• Sections/Long Sections

• Pipework and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)

• Instrument Layouts

• Process Flow Diagrams

• Electrical Schematics & Network Diagrams

CAD Tracing: Thousands of hand drawn layouts still remain untouched in basements and archive rooms, often not unearthed until redevelopment of existing services are required. CAD tracing should not be confused with the simple scanning of existing drawings. We will take the original drawing and scale from it to produce a cleaner, more accurate and usable electronic CAD file for you to amend, pass on to contractors etc. or to simply archive and to use at a later date.

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3D design

3D Visualization & Modelling

Photo-realistic visualization and modeling is an extremely cost effective method of enabling communication of the design, before full commitment of cost and time is required. From full photo-realistic renderings to simple conceptual models, these tools can demonstrate your design in an exciting and easy to comprehend fashion. Photo-realistic 3D visualization and 3D modeling transforms an idea or 2D design into an easy-to-understand, high-impact image that enables clients to view and appreciate their design in a more tangible way. This cost-effective technology brings the design to life and greatly facilitates communications with clients and other design team members during all stages of a project.

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Layouts & General Space Planning

Space planning can be a difficult task. It’s not only about who sits where, but there are legal requirements, accommodation standards, IT, staff welfare and telecoms to consider. It is of great advantage to be able to plan and amend the layout of an office or area before having to move a single chair or desk. By creating a CAD Layout, not only do you eliminate any issues early on that could dramatically slow down the project but you also get the option to try many different configurations before you decide on a final layout.

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Conversions of Design

A high quality and accurate CAD drawing doesn’t just make your project run more smoothly and efficiently. As an integral part of your work, the drawings you share with your clients and other members of the project team also say a lot about your company. Whether you are outsourcing all of your CAD work, just need specialist assistance during peak work flow, or simply have an idea or design that you want to bring to life, you can rely on us to apply a swift, professional and consistent approach every step of the way. We can manually re-draw your drawings into 2D CAD from a range of original formats, including:

• Scanned drawings in tif, jpg, pdf etc format

• Drawings converted to pdf

• Dimensioned sketches

• Freehand sketches

• Marked up prints

• Blueprints

• Floor plans

• Site plans

• Elevations

• Surveyors dimensioned sketches

• Mechanical, electrical and civil engineers drawings.

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As-Installed & Record drawings

After the completion of a project there is a responsibility to provide accurate as installed or record drawings of the services installation in its completed state. This also ensures that the client could benefit from efficient and cost effective future facilities management or when working on projects in the same industry or of a similar nature. By using your final mark ups or sketched drawings we will accurately convey the ‘As-Built’ information into the digital drawing/s. The completed drawing will be layered and styled to enable easy and complete editing of the finished product or installation. You can also supply us with your own personal electronic frame and title block for the drawing, or we can create one for you using your company logo and details etc.. Drawings can then be supplied in all common drawing & digital viewing formats such as dwg, pdf & jpeg etc. and also if required can be printed out and sent to clients on any common paper size.